Based in Fresno, California, Shein Law Group provides legal services to individuals and businesses in the Central Valley and throughout California. Our practice encompasses bankruptcy, reorganization, bankruptcy-related litigation, debtor-creditor disputes and business litigation matters. Our practice spans the state, federal and bankruptcy court systems, as well as out of court proceedings.
We have experience representing a broad range of clients and understand how to effectively serve a diverse set of interests. Whether we are assisting our clients with formulating a plan for reorganization, addressing and resolving specific financial concerns, litigating a business matter, or assisting with strategizing and prioritizing for your business needs, Shein Law Group strives to identify and implement efficient, practical solutions for its clients and to obtain the best result possible for each distinct situation.
Shein Law Group is committed to providing clients with superior legal service, giving each client the personal attention they deserve. We value maintaining contact with our clients, keeping them updated on the progress of their case and working closely with them to ensure their expectations are met. We pride ourselves on providing practical advice that keeps our clients economic interests foremost in mind.
Practice Areas
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